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Guest wifi

Find out how to access our guest wifi networks.

If you're visiting Cardiff University and require access to wifi, you may be able to connect to the visitor wireless service: CU-Visitor, which will appear on your list of available networks.

Our wireless network is part of the eduroam service, so students, researchers and staff from participating institutions can connect to our wireless network with a username and password from their home institution.We can grant access if you are:

  • a delegate attending conferences organised by staff or students, in line with our publicly funded remit
  • a member of commercial organisations and public bodies, who has been invited by the university

If eduroam visitors are having problems accessing the wireless service we may be able to provide a guest account.

We are currently unable to provide access to the following people:

  • alumni
  • prospective students (if they enrol early they will gain access)
  • walk-in users
  • delegates at externally organised conferences which have no connection with our publicly funded remit

If you are a conference delegate or sponsored guest, please contact your conference organiser or your Cardiff University sponsor within the school or department you are visiting for more information on obtaining wifi access.

If you're unsure about whom to contact or if you have any problems connecting to the wifi, please contact the IT Service Desk:

Requesting a guest account

Visitor wireless coupons are available from your university contact.

Coupons can be created for use of up to 14 days, depending on the length of your stay.

All users of the visitor wireless network are subject to the terms of use.

  • you will be able to access public web pages and web-based email, other services may not work
  • your account usage period will start when you first log in
  • Cardiff University will monitor the usage of these accounts,
  • these temporary accounts will not allow you to log into a university managed workstation

Open day wifi access

Cardiff University is a wireless campus and you are welcome to use our wireless network for free whilst you are with us on our open day.

To access wifi if you’re attending an Open Day:

  • select the network 'CU-OpenDay' on your device and using an internet browser register your details
  • you will shortly receive an email or SMS text containing a unique username and password
  • select 'Login' to start using wifi whenever you are on campus
  • additional devices can log on with the same username/password by selecting 'Already have an account' at the registration page

IT support