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Deep Place

Deep Place is a holistic approach to sustainable place-making, focussed on how to practically achieve more economically, socially, environmentally and culturally sustainable places and communities.


Developed by Adamson and Lang, the first Deep Place study was undertaken in Tredegar (2014), and subsequently three further studies have been undertaken in the UK: Pontypool (2016), Lansbury Park (2017) and in Llandovery (2019).

Deep Place is based on the premise that a properly functioning economy should add to, rather than undermine, the social, environmental and cultural sustainability of places and communities. The approach continues to be strongly influenced by, and indeed seeks to influence in return, theories of social exclusion, transition theory, the Total Place public service reform agenda, and foundation economics.

Download the full reports

The Llandovery Deep Place Study: A Pathway for Future Generations

This report explores the question, ‘What type of economy and society do we need to create in Llandovery to achieve economic, social, cultural and environmental sustainability over the next generation?

Trowbridge Socio-Economic Analysis (Final).pdf

This brief report offers a socio-economic profile of the Trowbridge area located in the city and county of Cardiff, which can be used as a basis for future research.

Rethinking Growth: Toward the Well-being Economy

Dr Mark Lang and Professor Terry Marsden explore the growing academic and policy discussion about the economic, social, environmental and cultural desirability of economic growth.

All Around Us: The Pontypool Deep Place Study

This report sets out and further develops the Deep Place approach to sustainable place-making in Pontypool.