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Impact and engagement

The Institute has a strong track record of impacting on policy development, public debate and innovative practice to support the improvement of responses and solutions to the global consequences and challenges of a changing climate and resource depletion.

With research projects funded by the EU, national bodies and other funding organisations in the fields of sustainability science, our researchers work to deliver relevant, robust, high-quality research that is used by policy-makers across Wales, the UK and further afield to support evidence-based policy making.

Sustainable place making in public policy

Institute Director, Professor Terry Marsden discusses sustainable place-making in the context of public policy together with Co-Director Professor Susan Baker and Mr Matthew Quinn, Director of Environment and Sustainable Development, Welsh Government.

Sustainable Place Making in Public Policy video

Who we work with

We connect our academics to industry, business, government and the third sector in Wales, the UK and internationally. Staff from the Institute provide advice and evidence to Welsh Government, the National Assembly for Wales and the wider policy community.

Impact stories


Tackling alarming decline in nature needs a ‘safety net’ of multiple, ambitious goals, say researchers

27 October 2020

A ‘safety net’ made up of multiple, interlinked and ambitious goals is needed to tackle nature’s alarming decline.

Person handing over money for shopping

A Welsh Food System Fit for Future Generations

27 March 2020

Report calls for action to make sustainable produce a viable choice

Stock image of birds in sky

Global plan to protect endangered species ‘overlooks genetic diversity’

5 March 2020

Scientists urge rethink on international 10-year action plan to protect nature

Image of discussion at Senedd

Working together for Co-operative and Just Food Systems event held at Senedd

28 January 2020

A report written by Sustainable Places Research Institute researchers has been discussed at a roundtable event at the Senedd.

Garden hand tools

Data collection tool can help organic market gardeners maximise profitability

6 November 2019

A data collection tool can enable organic market gardeners gather and process information that can help them make informed business decisions and maximise profitability.


Legislative changes needed for sustainable food system in Wales

5 November 2019

Industrial production of cheap food poses a threat to sustainable and just food systems in Wales, according to a report by researchers at the Sustainable Places Research Institute.

Image of fresh fruit and vegetables at a market

UK food safety at risk with public softened up for lower standards, warn experts

25 September 2019

There are signs that the government is trying to soften up the public for lower food standards post-Brexit, including imported chlorinated chicken and hormone-treated beef, highlights a new briefing from the Food Research Collaboration.


New report urges councils to ramp up contingency planning to avert food disruption in any version of Brexit

31 May 2019

Professor Terry Marsden has co-authored a new report that says Local Authorities in the UK must strengthen planning for possible disruption due to Brexit.


G-BiKE: New European Network on Genomic Biodiversity for Resilient Ecosystems

1 April 2019

Newly funded research network highlights the importance of genetic and genomic tools in biodiversity conservation.