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Interplay between density, design, and wellbeing towards developing resilient cities

Bringing together diverse academic, technical and professional expertise, to find solutions to contemporary urban problems arising from issues around density and design, with an emphasis on improving the wellbeing of citizens in the global south.

A collaboration with University of Cape Town, Middle East University Jordan, Utopia Kathmandu, Loughborough University and P+ Studio, the project seeks to understand and analyse the role of urban density and design in public wellbeing for developing and sustaining resilient communities and cities.

The project will:

  • develop methodologies for more sustainable ways of designing specific data analysis to build resilient communities and cities
  • organise knowledge sharing activities between partners and extended stakeholders on urban density, design and wellbeing
  • formulate strategies for empowering citizens in decision making with a particular focus on informal settlements.

This collaboration is based on learning and sharing the situations of informal settlements in three countries (Nepal, Jordan, South Africa) and engagement with UK experts. It looks at the challenges that cities in developing economies are facing at the cross-section of urban density, urban design and public wellbeing.

This project is funded by The Royal Academy of Engineering under the Frontiers of Engineering Tranche 9.

Dr Abid Mehmood

Dr Abid Mehmood


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