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A very short introduction to environmental ethics

17 December 2018

A new book by a Cardiff University academic presses for urgent worldwide action on climate change.

Catia receiving award

Sustainable Places researcher wins award for documentary

30 November 2018

Catia Rebelo, an EU Marie Curie International Fellow based at Sustainable Places Research Institute, has won an award for her documentary “Sensed Place”.


Change in emphasis in tropical marine conservation is needed to conserve vital seagrass habitat

13 November 2018

We must increase and reprioritise our conservation efforts and use our limited resources in a more targeted manner in order to attain sustainable systems

Image of a northern white rhino

New hope for world’s most endangered mammal

7 November 2018

Genetic analysis of northern and southern white rhinos reveals new information for species conservation

Sleeping doormouse

Biodiversity vital for future of Wales

10 October 2018

Report explores wider benefits of conservation efforts

Image of scrap metal from appliances

Serious climate change mitigation is likely to reshape everyday life in unexpected ways

8 October 2018

Can we rethink how and when we access household products to tackle climate change?


Urgent action needed for a sustainable future

4 September 2018

Landmark book explores significance of nature and environmentalism in Social Sciences

Image of DGFC

Riparian forest buffers increase yields from oil palm plantations

30 August 2018

Researchers from the Sustainable Places Research Institute have found that preserving tropical forest buffers along the margins of large meandering rivers can enhance the profitability of floodplain plantations.


Call for seagrass to be protected

3 August 2018

Seagrass experts from Cardiff University and Swansea University are calling for seagrass to be protected, in a piece published in the journal Science.


The clock is ticking for UK food security unless a deal is done, says new report

24 July 2018

Specialists urge the Government to keep focussed on food during Brexit negotiations