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Sustainable Places hosts SCHEMA seminar

18 April 2018

Sustainable Places Research Institute and UNU-IIGH’s SCHEMA co-organised a seminar featuring talks on environmental sustainability and health.

Annual keynote lecture brings international sustainability experts to Cardiff

6 April 2018

An eminent group of three international experts in the field of sustainability will deliver Sustainable Places Research Institute’s annual keynote lecture.

Sustainable place making

Sustainable Places to host international SUSPLACE training programme

16 March 2018

Sustainable Places Research Institute (PLACE) is pleased to host the fifth training programme as part of the Marie Curie ITN project SUSPLACE.

Women at the Women Can Marathon Devon

Women-only marathon a perfect fit

8 March 2018

Researchers found the first women-only marathon to be a perfect ‘fit’ for the modern active woman’s lifestyle.


Genetics: Similar targets, different solutions separate the sheep from the goats

7 March 2018

Sheep and goats share a number of similar genetic targets involved in domestication but exhibit different patterns of selection to achieve similar characteristics, according to a genomic analysis of their wild relatives.

Discarded snapper

Fisheries discarding edible fish pose a threat to food security

26 February 2018

Fish vital to sustainability of lagoon discarded in an area where a third of the population lives in poverty

LYEA project

Pilot project to get young people involved in caring for Britain’s waterways a success

19 February 2018

A pilot programme aimed at getting young people from Leicester’s Somali community involved in learning about and caring for Britain’s waterways was a success, researchers at Cardiff University have found.


Sewage and animal waste having serious impact on UK coastline

13 February 2018

High levels of pollution are being found in areas of water which are supposedly afforded special EU protection, new research reveals


Shedding new light on the mysterious origin of Bornean elephants

17 January 2018

Elephants might have arrived on Borneo at a time of the last land bridge between the Sunda Islands in Southeast Asia, a new paper published in Scientific Reports has found.

Glamorgan Building

European Policy Review on Social Innovation by Dr Abid Mehmood

8 January 2018

Dr Abid Mehmood, Research Fellow at Sustainable Places Research Institute and the School of Social Sciences, has produced a policy paper for the European Commission; ‘Social Innovation as a Trigger for Transformations - The Role of Research’.