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Prof Mike Bruford delivers keynote talk at European Ecological Federation conference

20 August 2019

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Sustainable Places Research Institute co-director Professor Mike Bruford presented a keynote talk at the 2019 European Ecological Federation (EEF) conference in Lisbon, Portugal.

The 15th European Ecological Federation  congress and 18th National SPECO meeting took place at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon from 29 July - 2 August 2019.

Professor Bruford presented a keynote talk on theoretical and evolutionary ecology.

The overarching theme of the conference, Embedding Ecology in Sustainable Development Goals, intended to promote discussions and interactions on how to integrate basic and applied ecological research, and their trans-disciplinarily impacts, for the effective implementation of the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The conference welcomed attendees from a variety of fields, including students, researchers from the public and private sectors, and stakeholders involved in the fields of ecology and conservation, evolution, genetics, environmental sciences, climate change, agro-forestry, social-ecology, economy, managers, and related disciplines.

Find out more about the programme at the conference website.

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