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School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Internationally recognised research work enhances the student experience by having leading earth scientists from a variety of disciplines.

Entry Year

CourseUCAS codeMode
Environmental Geography (BSc) K32K Full time
Environmental Geography (MSci) Y32N Full time
Environmental Geoscience (MSci) F649 Full time
Environmental Geoscience (BSc) F648 Full time
Environmental Sustainability Science (BSc) F651 Full time
Exploration Geology (BSc) F625 Full time
Exploration Geology (MSci) F626 Full time
Geology (MSci) F604 Full time
Geology (BSc) F603 Full time
Marine Geography (MSci) 1D78 Full time
Marine Geography (BSc) F845 Full time
Physical Geography (MSci) F844 Full time
Physical Geography (BSc) F843 Full time