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Alanoud Alolayan

Alanoud Alolayan

Alanoud finished the International Foundation Programme (IFP) before going on to study Medical Engineering, where she plans to spend a year in industry to gain valuable work experience.

Student name: Alanoud Alolayan
Course: BEng Medical Engineering
Country: Saudi Arabia
Year of graduation: 2021

Why did you choose Cardiff University International Foundation Programme (IFP)?

I chose to study the International Foundation Programme at Cardiff University because it has my major to follow on after the IFP and it has a lot of educational methods and different way of teaching that help students to understand. My brother is here in Cardiff studying engineering as well, and this was one of the reasons for me to come and study abroad.

Tell us about the IFP. How did it prepare you for progression on to undergraduate study?

The IFP helped me a lot in many aspects, for instance it helped me to improve my language and taught me how to write essays, write reports, learn the right way to do a presentation and have the courage to stand up in front of people. The engineering modules also helped me to know some of the engineering terminologies ahead of starting my major in Medical Engineering.

What have you enjoyed most about studying on the International Foundation Programme?

The IFP was a beautiful year full of experiences, even though it was my first year away from home and I faced lots of challenges. However, I have met lots of people from different cultures which is something amazing and the trips we had with the teachers and the activities we did, it was a beautiful year!

"The IFP was a beautiful year full of experiences, even though it was my first year away from home and I faced lots of challenges."

Alanoud Alolayan, International Foundation Programme, 2017

What is the best thing about living in Cardiff?

What I really like about living in Cardiff is that I became more independent and more responsible. In addition, meeting new people from different cultures was also a beautiful opportunity.

Are you a member of any clubs or societies? If so, what’s it like to be part of a society?

No, unfortunately I am not yet, but I might join some of the societies because I feel it is a good opportunity to communicate with new friends both from my major or other majors. Also it is one of the ways that I can further improve my language, by communicating with native speakers.

How has the university supported you during your time here?

The university supported me by giving me advice, for instance, how to apply for a job and how to save money. The Students' Union is also a place that provides support for Students in many aspects.

Tell us about your most memorable experience at Cardiff. Have you done work experience/Give it a Go/Languages for all?

I have joined a horse riding school here in Cardiff which is a new thing for me and I love it.

What would your advice be for prospective students thinking about joining the IFP?

First of all, I totally recommend joining the IFP because it is just a beautiful opportunity to meet new people from different cultures. The teachers are so friendly and helpful. My advice is try to enjoy it and do not be stress about it, take it for fun and learning at the same time.

What are your plans for the future?

For the future, I am planning to do my master's here in Cardiff. I want to work in my major after finishing my course and to be an engineer.