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Entry requirements for Iran

Our entry requirements will vary depending on your level of study, the course you are interested in and your English language proficiency.

Foundation courses

"I wanted to complete my MBA from an internationally recognised university. Cardiff was at the top of my list as a renowned university for academic environment and learning opportunities."

Faisal Ibne Wali MBA

If you have graduated from the national high school system, you will be required to successfully complete a one year International Foundation Programme before entering our undergraduate courses.

You will be required to successfully complete the Iranian High School Diploma with an overall average of 15 and at least 15 in key subject areas to be considered for admission on to our International Foundation Programme.

Some subjects, such as healthcare allied professions, will require higher grades. Please contact the Foundation Office for more information.

Undergraduate courses

Many of our academic schools will consider applicants who have completed the Iranian Pre-University Certificate.

Entry requirements will depend upon the course applied for.  Typically, we would require minimum grades in the region of 15 out of 20 or above in the Iranian Pre-University Certificate for direct entry to an Undergraduate programme.

Other students will be required to have good A-level scores or the equivalent of the International Baccalaureate Diploma to be considered for admission on to Cardiff University's undergraduate degree programmes.

Alternatively, the successful completion of a recognised International Foundation Programme or an associate degree or one or more years of undergraduate study at a recognised Iranian University may also be considered as acceptable for entry on to our undergraduate degree courses.

Postgraduate taught courses

"I think Cardiff is the right size for a place to live peacefully and, in the same time, to enjoy life."

Salah Waheedi PhD Pharmacy

If you have completed an undergraduate honours degree or equivalent from a recognised University, achieving a minimum overall grade of 14 out of 20, you will be considered for entry to Cardiff University's postgraduate courses.

Postgraduate research courses

To be considered for postgraduate research courses, you will be required to have a good master's degree from a recognised university in Iran.

English language

A relevant English language qualification is also required — normally a minimum of 6.5 IELTS, however, this may vary from course to course.

If you are unsure of your qualifications or entry requirements please contact us.