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Divesha Bajaj

Indian student Divesha Bajaj

Divesha, an MSc Physiotherapy student from India, would highly recommend her programme of study to other Indian students who wish to pursue a master's.

Student name: Divesha Bajaj
Course title: MSc Physiotherapy
Country: India
Year of graduation: 2020

"I am currently pursuing master's in physiotherapy from Cardiff University. The main reason to apply for master's in physiotherapy in Cardiff University was that I liked the curriculum. However as Cardiff University is one of the supreme universities in the United Kingdom for pursuing a master's in physiotherapy, this also influenced my decision to apply to a great extent.

"While studying in Cardiff I have realised I was learning about a wide range of different research, which I think I never would have been able to learn in my home country, as the style of studies differ. I had a whole module which consisted of research methodology which will be very helpful in doing a PhD and it will be very useful for me as I already have my future PhD plans in place.

"Cardiff University staff are proactive in all possible areas of help and support students. You would be studying along with different students from different cultures. Personally, I have observed the growth in myself and the discussions with physiotherapy university mates from across the globe have helped me learn and comprehend different techniques used by different physiotherapists. The teachers, are hugely supportive and understanding and are well accomplished in their knowledge-imparting skills within the classroom.

"Cardiff, as a city, is beautiful and citizens are very friendly which makes your stay more comfortable and lovely. I would definitely recommend this programme to other Indian physiotherapists pursuing a master's programme in physiotherapy."