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Crime, security and justice

Applying theoretical innovation to inform new ways of understanding and responding to crime.

We engage with real world problems to inform practitioners and policy-makers at local, national and international levels. We have close working relationships with governmental and other organisations engaged in the delivery of crime control and community safety.

Our research addresses such subjects as:

  • policing and security governance;
  • domestic violence against women;
  • cybercrimes and security;
  • the impact of new technologies on crimes and their control;
  • the organisation of serious crimes;
  • the governance of transnational crimes;
  • drug markets and their regulation;
  • and crime and the life course.

The work of criminological scholars in this theme has helped to shift the traditional focus of criminological theory and research beyond that of national criminal justice systems. Such work has explored global, national, regional and local influences on the shape and nature of crimes and their control in the ‘networked society’.

Our profile in researching crime and justice is based on a sustained track record of research and publications. Since 2001, we have received over £9 million in external research grants from funding agencies and public and private sector organisations including the British Council, Economic and Social Research Council, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Arts and Humanities Research Council, European Commission, Home Office, Welsh Assembly Government, College of Policing, Metropolitan Police Service and the Airbus Group.

Significant projects

Centres and groups

  • Universities' Police Science Institute
    Established in collaboration with South Wales Police, UPSI has achieved international renown for developing innovative solutions to policing problems.
  • University Research Institute on Crime and Security
    This research institute brings together interdisciplinary expertise from across the the University to develop new ways of understanding and responding to crime and security issues.
  • Centre for Crime, Law and Justice
    This centre brings together researchers from the School of Social Sciences and the School of Law and Politics to explore shared interests in these fields.
  • Social Data Science Lab
    A collaboration between social and computer scientists that work with ‘big data’ to address social science research problems.

Research highlights

Vulnerable woman sitting alone

Improving the response to victims of violence

Our research has contributed to significant changes in the services afforded to victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Policewoman in the community

Improving community policing

Pioneering research by the Universities' Police Science Institute (UPSI) has made police more effective at understanding and responding to crime and disorder.

Photo taken by Flickr user epsos.

Improving control over illicit money flows and recovering the proceeds of crime

Research by Professor Mike Levi provides one of the first rigorous empirical analyses of the scale of financial crime.

tab on computer showing Twitter URL

Detecting crime using social media

‘World-leading’ predictive tools will be used by Met Police to monitor real-time crime events.