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We are proud of our record of impacting upon public debate, policy development and practice based innovations.

The success we have had in the public service aspects of our mission reflects our long-standing links with Welsh Government and other public agencies across Wales.


Dentist examining patient

Supporting dental practices to make best use of the whole dental team

Developing self-evaluation tools to review skill-mix in dental teams.

Students in a science class

School Health Research Network

Improving young people’s health and wellbeing in schools.

Developing measures of poverty

Developing measures of poverty

Helping governments monitor progress towards the global Sustainable Development Goals for poverty and nutrition.

Smiling children

Lace Project

LACE: Improving educational experiences and attainment of looked after children.

Vulnerable woman sitting alone

Improving the response to victims of violence

Our research has contributed to significant changes in the services afforded to victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Teenager smoking

ASSIST: A stop smoking in schools trial

Our DECIPHer-ASSIST programme is effectively tackling smoking uptake in UK schools.

Policewoman in the community

Improving community policing

Pioneering research by the Universities' Police Science Institute (UPSI) has made police more effective at understanding and responding to crime and disorder.

Photo taken by Flickr user epsos.

Improving control over illicit money flows and recovering the proceeds of crime

Research by Professor Mike Levi provides one of the first rigorous empirical analyses of the scale of financial crime.