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We are bringing together problem-focused interdisciplinary social science research.

Generating excellent research is not enough to tackle societal problems; new ideas also need to effectively influence real world situations. Co-locating research groups with some of our key partners, our hub of activity will allow like-minded innovators to join us and collaborate on impactful research.

Working closely with organisations from all sectors will enable us to co-produce knowledge informed by partners and practitioners from the outset. This means we can test solutions as they are developed and seek feedback from end-users, seeing the impact of our research in real-time.

Our success will mean a strengthened Welsh economy through increased research and development and the creation of new employment opportunities. It will increase postgraduate research opportunities that embrace interdisciplinarity and collaborative research activity. It will establish the University, Cardiff and Wales as international leaders in the design, development and delivery of innovative, impactful, evidence-based social science research.