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Leadership and management

Our award winning programme equips academics with the skills they need to lead pioneering research teams.

The Leadership and Management Programme runs over four to six months and helps participants:

  • build and lead a research team
  • motivate and support individual researchers
  • undertake clear and co-ordinated research planning
  • run more effective research team meetings
  • develop their role as a leaders and gain greater self awareness.

These qualities help enhance our researchers' capabilities as research leaders and develop their career potential in order to help them deliver research on-time and within resource constraints.

Times Higher Awards 2010

The programme has been recognised with a prestigious award from Times Higher Education in 2010, with the judging panel describing our approach as "rigorous and comprehensive". They said we were "probably the most committed to this kind of development activity in the UK".

As a junior researcher who was just starting to lead small research teams I found this programme fantastic. It gave me the space and opportunity to reflect on my own working practices.

Dr Andy Williams Lecturer, Leadership and Management Development Programme participant

Programmes such as Cardiff Futures and Welsh Crucible also provide unique opportunities for research career development and support cross discipline collaboration.