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Funding and grant support

The ability to generate funding is essential for a career in academia. We help our researchers to make the most of funding opportunities.

Our researchers benefit from dedicated central support for funding applications and awards. We support them every step of the way by helping with activities such as:

  • finding funding opportunities
  • applications
  • contract negotiations
  • on-going support.
Dr Paola Borri
Dr Paola Borri won a £1.1m award for her research using optical nanoscopy on cells.

We offer advice and guidance on funding opportunities available and give researchers access to a searchable database of funding opportunities

Researchers can access dedicated support to help maximise their chances of success by submitting high quality proposals.

We provide researchers with legal advice and assistance during contract negotiations, including drafting contracts. We give researchers support and financial guidance throughout their whole project life cycle.

We have a university digital repository, which enables researchers to easily make their research freely available over the internet. This meets the open access requirements of funding bodies, and helps to maximise the impact of their research.