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Periodic review

The periodic review cycle for 2013-2018 has now been completed. The process is currently being reviewed in advance of beginning a new cycle. These pages will be updated with the new process once this review is complete.

Periodic review is the process by which Schools undertake a broad review of all their programmes, evaluate their strategic direction and reflect upon the experiences of their students.

It takes place every five years and is an opportunity for broad thinking about the student experience, as well as a point at which Schools, in the context of College plans, review the continuing standards, validity and relevance of their programmes.

Supported by a Review Team, and with input from students, staff and external peers, periodic review captures a moment-in-time image of a School and is also an enabling process which will help Schools develop their provision and set their direction for the future.

Key characteristics

The key characteristics of our periodic review process include:

  • Genuinely strategic in its focus and action planning for the future, and linked to the implementation of University strategy.
  • Evidence-based and founded on an analysis of a portfolio of information.
  • Proportionate and tailored to individual Schools according to themes emerging from the portfolio of evidence, the particular areas of focus and ambitions of the School and the context of other related review activities such as accreditation exercises with professional, statutory and regulatory bodies. Particular areas of focus for periodic review are negotiated in the light of these factors.
  • Streamlined in its alignment with annual review and enhancement (ARE).
  • Undertaken in full partnership with students, with an emphasis on the student experience, and with the full participation of students as members of the Review Team, providers of data and feedback, and contributors to the review activities in the School.

Outcomes and judgements

The Review Team is asked to confirm that a satisfactory review has taken place so that the University can be confident about the outcomes of periodic review in relation to the continuing currency, validity and academic standards of the School's awards and the quality of the student experience.

All outcomes are monitored each year through the annual review and enhancement process (ARE).