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Annual review and enhancement

We give the highest priority to the continuous enhancement of the quality of our programmes and the educational experience provided for all its students.

Annual review and enhancement informs planning processes at School level and provides the College and the University with appropriate information for oversight of the quality assurance and enhancement of both taught and research programmes.

The School lies at the heart of the process, however there are College and University strategic priorities that will also be considered as part of the annual review and enhancement process. At every level, there is an expectation that students will be engaged in every aspect of the process to evaluate a School’s provision and educational experience.


To ensure that the annual review and enhancement operates effectively, the process has been developed around a portfolio of evidence related to baseline regulatory requirements and enhancement activities. Schools are asked to reflect on key areas of focus which will be considered by the College Annual Review and Enhancement Committee at regular intervals. The process has been revised to focus on the following principles.


The process is designed to use a range of data that underpins the discussion around each area of focus, allowing a strategic approach to review and development.


The process is designed to take account of the size and shape of each School—it is not a 'one size fits all' approach. Schools are required to reflect on all data but only required to provide action plans where the data identifies they are borderline or below benchmark.


The process is designed to enable discussions at the appropriate time in the academic cycle, rather than producing one submission per year. This ensures that prompt action can be taken at a point when it will have the most impact.


The process is designed to link to College- and School-performance review cycles, avoiding repletion and allowing strategic focus as required.

Monitoring and evaluation

The Student Experience Enhancement Plan (SEEP) is designed to be a live, working document with the focus on developing a limited number of SMART actions that the school can confidently carry out following its internal reflections and discussion at the College Annual Review and Enhancement Committee.

Areas of focus

Key themes for consideration within annual review and enhancement are:

  • Student satisfaction
  • Programme outcomes (progression, award and non-continuation)
  • Module evaluation and outcomes
  • Curriculum design and delivery