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Annual review and enhancement

The annual review and enhancement (ARE) process provides each School, College and the University the opportunity to pause and reflect on our education provision - what has worked well and what changes need to be put in place?

Co-ordinated at College level, the process is developed around a portfolio of evidence related to baseline regulatory requirements and institutional enhancement activities. Our approach is based on the following principles:

The process uses a range of data that underpins each area of focus, allowing for both a local and strategic approach to review and development. You'll be able to discuss the data at the time it becomes available giving you the opportunity to make recommendations and actions at a point when it will have the most impact.

The process takes account of the differences in size and shape of each School - it is not a 'one size fits all' approach. It's still important that you reflect on all data but you'll only be required to provide action plans where the data identifies the outcomes are borderline or below benchmark.

The process has been designed to enable discussions at the time the data becomes available. This avoids any duplication of effort and the outcomes of the discussions can be implemented without having to wait until the end of the academic cycle.

Discussions that take place through the Survey Management and Module Evaluation Framework have been integrated into the ARE process thus avoiding repetition and allowing for a strategic focus. This provides a consistent institution-wide approach to action-planning and monitoring which will be captured through the completion of your Student Experience Enhancement Plan (SEEP)/Action log.

The Student Experience Enhancement Plan (SEEP) or action log is designed to be a live, working document with the focus on developing a limited number of SMART actions that the school can confidently carry out following its internal reflections and discussion at the College Annual Review and Enhancement Committee. Your SEEP/action log should focus on how any intervention strategies will be reviewed and impact assessed with specific timelines identified.

Areas of focus

The areas of focus are reviewed each year by the Academic Standards and Quality Committee to ensure they remain fit for purpose and there are clear links to external regulatory requirements and institutional enhancement activity.