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Programme approval and maintenance

Our programme approval procedure ensures that any named award of Cardiff University is of an appropriate academic standard and will provide a valuable and stimulating learning experience for our students.

Institutional oversight is provided through the Monitoring and Review Policy approved by Senate in 2022. The procedure is kept under regular review to ensure it continues to meet the expectations and practices set out in the UK Quality Code for Higher Education and the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) 2015).

All proposals for new programmes and changes to existing programmes will follow the university's three-stage programme approval procedure outlined below.

Programme Approval Procedure

Find out how to develop new programmes and make changes to existing programmes with the programme approval procedure

For new programmes, strategic approval is taken at university level and addresses the key question, ‘In principle, do we want to do this?’ The key objective is to establish whether the proposal justifies the investment of time and effort that will be needed in subsequent stages and will ultimately provide the desired return on investment to the school and the wider university.

For changes to existing programmes, strategic approval is taken at college level but will still consider the same strategy, business viability including costs, risks (including reputational risks), student numbers and practical and academic considerations.

Programmes with external partners

The governance arrangements for setting up, developing, and monitoring all external partnership activity is outlined in the Collaborative Provision Policy. Any proposals of this nature are required to complete all stages of the approval procedure set out above including any additional requirements based on the nature and complexity of the proposal. Approval requires dedicated resource and time as each arrangement is individual in its nature.

A set of institutional expectations for programme structure, design, and delivery has been developed that outline the key baseline requirements that should be part of all Cardiff programmes. The Learning and Teaching Academy brings together experts in learning and teaching to support staff in delivering an engaging and inclusive experience for all students.

At approval, the Programme and Partner Standing Panel will consider how each proposal meets (or exceeds) each baseline requirement which promotes transparency in decision making and provides a valuable feedback mechanism if there are areas for further consideration/development.

Once the Chair of the Programme and Partner Standing Panel has confirmed that all conditions have been met, a recommendation can be made to the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Education and Student Experience for approval on behalf of ASQC.

Quality and Standards Team

Cardiff Learning and Teaching Academy