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Accreditation by professional, statutory and regulatory bodies

A large number of our programmes are accredited by external bodies.

Accredited status serves a variety of functions including:

  • recognition of the quality of the programme
  • accreditation of programmes for professional entry
  • statutory, with legal powers to represent
  • regulatory, with inspectorial function.

The accreditation schedule

Each professional body maintains a register of the period of accreditation and will usually liaise directly with Schools concerning specific dates.

The Quality and Standards Team maintains a record of the accreditation period and liaises with each School to ensure submissions and reports are received and scrutinised through annual review and enhancement (ARE).

How reports are scrutinised by the School

Schools are required to consider the reports of their professional bodies within their internal quality assurance and, where appropriate, managerial framework.

In consultation with the College, the Head of School responds promptly to professional body reports and suggests a relevant course of action to obtain final accreditation.

Following confirmation that accreditation has been granted, the Head of School must provide the Quality and Standards Team with a copy of the professional body report and either a detailed action plan responding to the recommendations, with time frame usually in a format as specified by the professional body.

How reports are scrutinised by the University

Institutional oversight of professional body reports is undertaken through annual review and enhancement (ARE) and reported  to the Academic Standards and Quality Committee (ASQC) to ensure that Schools have addressed issues raised by professional bodies.

The ASQC receives routine updates on the outcomes of  professional body reports and through annual review and enhancement (ARE) will determine if any issues have a broader University-wide concern and might advise professional bodies of any action that the University will be taking regarding these issues.


There are generally no established deadlines across Schools when accreditation occurs, and hence the date for receipt of professional body reports is varied.

The Quality and Standards Team issues work with Schools to maintain the register of accreditation activity and provide support and guidance on submission documentation where appropriate.

Register of accreditation

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