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Environmental Compliance Officers

Find out about the role of Environmental Compliance Officers at the University.

The role

  • Responsible to the Head of School/Head of Department.
  • To act as liaison between the School/College/Professional Service and Safety and Staff Wellbeing (SSWEL) or Net Zero Team as appropriate.
  • To be an ex-officio member of the School/College/Professional Service Safety, Health and Environment Committee.
  • To maintain environmental documentation relating to the School/Professional Service SHE Management system (including: identification of environmental aspects and inclusion within HAZMAP, involvement in setting
  • School/College/Professional Service objectives and targets, maintenance of School/Department environmental register and monitoring improvements against targets).
  • To follow an appropriate programme of development including participating in training and awareness sessions so that an appropriate standard of environmental sustainability knowledge is maintained.
  • To provide general environmental sustainability advice, or where appropriate to refer members of the School/College/Professional Service to the SSWEL Division or Net Zero Team as appropriate.
  • To disseminate environmental sustainability information and reports to appropriate members of School/College/Professional Service staff and students.
  • Work with the University EMS Steering Group or Net Zero Team as appropriate on implementation of Environmental sustainability objectives and targets.
  • Act as a contact for information and training related to ESDGC (Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship).
  • Liaise with the School/College/Professional Service Safety Committee to review environmental sustainability procedures within the School/College/Professional Service.

The suggested guide time for ECO roles is 1-2 hours per week depending on the size of the School/College/Professional Service.