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Health, safety and environment policies

Our policies for health, safety, environment and sustainability.

A number of these policies are currently being updated, including the corporate social responsibility policy. The revised policies will be published shortly.

Cardiff University Section 6 Biodiversity report

A report on how Cardiff University is meeting the Nature Recovery Action Plan Objectives 1-6.

Safety, health, wellbeing and environment policy statement

Signed safety, health and environment policy statement.

Cardiff University Ecosystem Resilience and Biodiversity Action Plan (ERBAP) 2021-2023

Cardiff University's action plan concerning ecosystem resilience and biodiversity

Carbon management plan 2014 – 2020

This document outlines an action plan and explains the financial and environmental reasons that support carbon management in the University.

Sustainable Food Policy

Our catering and bars support and work towards more sustainable food in its production, processing, trading and procurement.This policy is currently being updated, the revised Policy will be published shortly.

Travel plan

This plan is part of a long term process to encourage staff, students and visitors, to think about how they travel to, from and within the University.

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Policy Statement

We prohibit direct investments based on four parameters: tobacco, armaments, code of ethics and fossil fuels.

Drinking fountain locations

A list of drinking fountain locations across the University.

Estates and Campus Facilities water safety policy

The University's policy for ensuring water systems are safe to use and operate.

Smoke Free University - policy and procedures

Our policy for protecting all members of the university from the harmful effects of passive smoke.