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Data protection notice for applying to undertake international language qualifications

This notice explains how we deal with the personal information of people who are applying to undertake international language qualifications through the School of Modern Languages as an approved examination centre.

This notice may be updated from time to time to ensure continued compliance with current legislation and to reflect best practice.

Identity of the Data Controller

As a Data Controller, Cardiff University is legally responsible for processing your personal data in accordance with Data Protection legislation. In order to carry out its functions and obligations in respect of enrolling you for these examinations it is necessary for the University to collect, store, process and disclose your personal data.

The University is registered as a Data Controller (no Z6549747) with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to process personal data.

Personal information we collect about you

The following gives an indication of the types of information which are currently collected and processed as part of the enrolment process:

  • your name
  • details of your qualifications achieved and currently being undertaken
  • identity document/s such as your passport information
  • your permanent address and your contact details including email and other electronic identifiers
  • your gender and date of birth
  • your nationality

Our legal basis for processing your personal data

There are a number of legal ways in which we can process your data, the most relevant of which are set out below:

Legal basisExplanation
(1) By enrolling to undertake these examinations, we will be required to collect, store, use and otherwise process information about you for the purposes connected with the administration deemed necessary for the purpose of entering into or for the performance of your contractual agreement with the University.

What we will use your information for

Your personal information will be used to enrol you onto the language examination you have indicated you wish to be entered for. This will be done via a platform as set up by the central bodies for each language (Goethe Institute, Institut Français du Royaume-Uni, Università per Stranieri di Siena, Japan Foundation, Instituto Cervantes and Hanban HSK.

Sharing information with others

The University will share your relevant personal data with appropriate external organisations as indicated above.

How long your information will be held

Your information will be held by us until we have received confirmation that you have been issued with your examination result after which point it will be removed from our systems.

Security of your information

Data Protection legislation requires us to keep your information secure. This means that your confidentiality will be respected, and all appropriate measures will be taken to prevent unauthorised access and disclosure. Only members of staff who need access to relevant personal data will be authorised to do so. Information about you in electronic form will be subject to password and other security restrictions, while paper files will be stored in secure areas with controlled access. You can find out more by referring to our Information Security policies.

Some processing may be undertaken on the University’s behalf by an organisation contracted for that purpose. Organisations processing personal data on the University’s behalf will be bound by an obligation to process personal data in accordance with data protection legislation.

Your data protection rights

Under Data Protection legislation you have a number of rights such as a right to request a copy of your personal data held by the University. To find out more about your rights and how you can exercise them, please see our web page your data protection rights.

If you still have queries, concerns or wish to raise a complaint details of how you can contact the University data protection officer and Information Commissioner’s Office are available on our Data protection page.