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Research areas

Our research focuses on the following key areas that allow us to respond to the grand scientific challenges and deliver global impact.

Gamma ray burst

Gamma ray-bursts

Our researchers are leading the search for gravitational waves from gamma-ray bursts.

MPC localisation

Neutron star binary searches

Neutron star binaries are one of the best candidate sources for gravitational wave emission.

Black hole collision

Binary black hole modelling

Our researchers develop state of the art binary black hole waveform models.

Upper limits graph

Black hole binary searches

We search for binary black holes to gain greater knowledge of their formation processes, data on black hole populations and the distribution of their masses and spins.

Laser trip around LIGO

Improving sensitivity for Advanced LIGO

We support the use of giant laser interferometers to search for gravitational waves.

star forming

Astrophysics of compact object binaries

Our researchers seek to answer the question of how neutron stars and black holes both form and evolve across cosmic time.

Co-located interferometers for observing quantum gravity phenomena

Co-located interferometers for observing quantum gravity phenomena

This experiment aims to observe such quantum fluctuations by taking correlated measurements of space-time using a pair of laser interferometers.