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Impact at the School of Physics

Our researchers are committed to conducting innovative research that can be used to solve current problems, improve the quality of life, and push forward the frontiers of knowledge.

Our research is supported by world-class facilities that are used for exploring the universe to creating cutting-edge technologies. We have developed strong partnerships with industry, especially in relation to compound semiconductor research for which we are now an international hub. We also have close links to international research organisations and laboratories, as well as schools and the local community.

Find out how our research is creating an impact on society, the physics and astronomy research community, and on industry and the economy:

Commercialising our Terahertz technology: from astronomy to the international market

Technologies developed by our researchers have been adapted and commercialised by industrial partners to significantly increase global sales and revenue and to secure funding.

Research partnership leads to world's first Compound Semiconductor Cluster

Our research and our partnership with a compound semiconductor facility has led to the world’s first Compound Semiconductor Cluster and investment of over £167 million.

Herschel space observatory iamge

Seeing the science in space

Bringing stories from the Hershel Space Observatory to UK school children, teachers and international media.