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Occupational health

Last updated: 01/08/2022 12:54

As your health and well-being are vital to your future career, you will need to complete certain tasks before you can go on clinical placement.

Follow these steps to ensure you are fully prepared healthwise before your placement:

An essential aspect of your application to study at Cardiff University includes completion of health documentation for Student Occupational Health, which includes a pre-course questionnaire.

For appropriate health-related courses, you will receive a link to the Student Occupational Health clinical software called 'Cohort', with instructions on registration and how to complete the appropriate documentation.

Where the form requests your School - please enter the relevant School code in the following table.

ProgrammeSchool code
Adult NursingNURSE - Adult
Child NursingNURSE - Child
Health VisitingNURSE - HV
Mental Health NursingNURSE - MH
Return to Practice NursingNURSE - RTP
All Occupational Therapy coursesOT
Radiotherapy and OncologyRADIOG-RADIOTHERAPY
Diagnostic RadiographyRADIOG-DIAGNOSTIC

Once you have started the questionnaire you will have 14 days to submit or the link will expire.

You can save the questionnaire. It will remain in a draft and can be updated. However, once it has been submitted it cannot be changed.

Ideally, you should have a scanned copy of your vaccination information before you start your questionnaire.

Complete the pre-course Occupational Health Questionnaire.

Your vaccination history is reviewed as part of your Occupational Health Assessment. It is essential you provide your most up-to-date vaccination records to inform decision making regarding clinical placement - a key component of your degree course. Places that may hold information about your vaccinations include:

  1. Your registered GP practice (if you have newly registered at a practice contact your previous one).
  2. Previous employers' occupational health departments.
  3. Travel clinics you attended for ‘holiday’ vaccinations.
  4. Child Health from the area where you were as a child. If you are unsure, you can contact Cardiff Child Health on +44 (0)29 2183 6919 and they will assist.

There may be a charge for access.

If you are unable to obtain your vaccination information prior to submitting the questionnaire, please email it as soon as possible to with:

  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • the course you intend to study.

An Occupational Health appointment will be organised for you by your School once you have enrolled. This appointment is mandatory as part of your healthcare course.

The occupational health advisor will check what vaccinations you have already received against a list of vaccinations required before you can go on clinical placement. If you are missing any, they will provide you with a further appointment(s) and you will be given the vaccinations. It is essential you attend these appointments as failure to undertake appropriate vaccinations and blood tests may impact your clinical placement.

Clinical placement

Once you have attended your appointments, Occupational Health will send us confirmation that all your vaccinations are up to date and you are fit to attend placement.

If you do not get all your vaccinations, Occupational Health will inform the department indicating that you are not cleared to go to clinical placement.