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Occupational health

As your health and well-being are vital to your future career, you will need to complete certain tasks before you can go on clinical placement.

Follow the steps below to ensure you are fully prepared healthwise before your placement:

After you have received an offer you are required to complete the pre-course Occupational Health Questionnaire

  1. download the occupational health questionnaire
  2. print and complete it (with attached vaccination evidence)
  3. return a hard copy to the Cardiff University Health Centre:

    Student Occupational Health Department
    Counselling, Health and Wellbeing
    Cardiff University
    Cardigan House 2nd floor
    Heath Park
    CF14 4XN

It will help you if you visit your GP before you come to University and ask them for a list of all your vaccinations.

On your first day, you will be given an appointment for a consultation with a nurse from Occupational Health.

The occupational health advisor will check what vaccinations you have already received against a list of vaccinations required before you can go on clinical placement. If you are missing any they will provide you with a further appointment(s) and you will be given the vaccinations. It is essential that you attend these appointments otherwise you will not be allowed to go on clinical placement.

Once you have attended your appointments, Occupational Health will send us confirmation that all your vaccinations are up to date and you are fit to attend placement.

If you do not get all your vaccinations, Occupational Health will inform the Department indicating that you are not cleared to go to clinical placement.