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Standing on a rooftop in a Spanish city
Your optional year abroad can take you around the world - pictured, Yevheniya Polovyk in Spain.

Focus on professional translation skills with specialist translation programmes.

There is an increasingly high demand for translation skills in the UK and Europe.

At the School of Modern Languages, we offer specialist translation programmes which provide our students with practical, professional translation skills and in-depth language tuition alongside the opportunity to gain an excellent command of two modern languages.

Our translation curriculum (in line with the Institute of Linguists and the Institute for Translators and Interpreters standards) will focus on combining the theory behind translation with methodology and practical skills.

Specialist modules investigate the institutional contexts that translation can be utilised as well as the challenges faced by translation professionals such as time management, managing resources and establishing and maintaining networks.

Courses we offer

Our four year Modern Languages and Translation programme provides students with the opportunity to study abroad in their third year.

Find out more about translation

Here are a few useful links if you would like to read more about translation or becoming a translator: