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Year abroad

A man looks out to the sea in a warm location
Llewelyn Moore's year abroad was based in Marseille, France and Barcelona, Spain.

Immerse yourself in another language and culture with a unique year abroad experience.

The opportunity to spend a year abroad as an integral part of your course is not only invaluable to the development of your language skills, but is also an exciting way to meet new people and explore your chosen country.

The third year of all language courses is spent abroad either as a student in one of our partner universities, as a language assistant in a foreign school, or on a work placement.

Students studying one language will spend a full year in the host country, whereas if you choose to study two languages, a semester will be spent in each country.

Skills for life

The year abroad is extremely valuable, not only for developing near-native competency in the language, but also for your personal development.

The maturity, flexibility, independence and problem-solving skills developed during this year are often cited by employers as a major attraction for them in hiring language students after graduation.

Many past students agree that immersing themselves in the language and culture of another country is one of the best experiences of their lives.


We have developed numerous partnerships with top universities, which means that you have the opportunity to study in some of the most iconic and inspiring cities in the world.

Destinations include Paris, Berlin, Milan and Barcelona, as well as many other universities further afield in Lima in Peru, Guadalajara in Mexico and Beijing in China.

“Because of all the skills I’ve developed, employers really admire that and they see you as a person who is able to adapt to different situations and different cultures.”

Melissa Tavares, BA French and Spanish


Students have the opportunity to work with the British Council as teaching assistants on a part-time basis, in either a major city or a small rural town.

This option provides excellent experience and a great introduction to teaching, as well as enabling you to earn a salary sufficient to live on.

Training is provided by the British Council in the destination country and we will provide guidance on finding accommodation.

“When I think back to my life before, it’s not just my life in England and Wales but I think of my life as being in Italy and France too which is just incredible.”

Susannah Hadden, BA French and Italian


Some choose to organise their own work placement abroad in an organisation or company, as agreed by the School.

It is important that your chosen role allows you to practice your language and immerse yourself in the culture of your host company.