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Changes to solicitor qualification route

The Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA), the body which regulates the profession, is changing the recognised route to qualification.

The Solicitors’ Qualifying Examination (SQE) will have to be taken by everyone who wants to become a solicitor. There will be no compulsory SQE courses. These changes are expected to take effect from autumn 2021.

Under the planned SQE, students will need to hold a degree or equivalent qualification or experience, but will no longer need to study for a law degree. The SRA will no longer specify the academic content of law degrees as they have in the past. As we understand, the planned SQE will require students to demonstrate knowledge of subjects that are expected to relate closely to those included within the current law degree.

Alongside all other UK-based law schools, we are awaiting the results of a consultative process which outlines how the SRA will transition from one regime to the other.

For further updates on the SQE please consult the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority website.