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What you can claim

You may be able to claim some money towards:

If your property is not ready for you to move into at the start of your contract, the University will pay for you stay in a hotel for a maximum period of four weeks. The cost of the hotel will constitute part of your total relocation allowance. We won't pay for your belongings to be put into storage.

Visa costs cannot be paid under the relocation policy, whether buying or renting a property. The following fees are all excluded from the relocation policy. This list is not intended to be exhaustive:

  • application fees
  • travel associated with your visa
  • entrance/exit inspection
  • police registration
  • passport fees.

The relocation policy also doesn't cover moving office and/or laboratory supplies. Your Head of School or Department may be able to advise you further on this issue.

We don't reimburse for new white goods. Our relocation policy is fully compliant with the Inland Revenue’s guidance and whilst the Inland Revenue allows white goods to be claimed as part of the tax exempt allowance, the decision has been made by the University not to offer this as part of its relocation package.