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Development and wellbeing

We are committed to supporting our staff by offering a variety of development opportunities and wellbeing initiatives.

Personal development and training

We provide excellent training and development opportunities and all staff are encouraged to acquire the knowledge, skill and motivation to fulfil the potential of their current work and to realise their personal career aspirations.

Health and wellbeing

We do everything we can to promote a safe, healthy and positive working environment. In fact, we have developed policies which support this such as the Positive Working Environment initiative and Dignity at Work policy. We offer both occupational health and counselling services, along with generous sick pay arrangements if you are absent due to ill health.

Occupational health

We strive to promote the health and safety of staff, students and visitors to the University, and maintain a safe place of work and a safe working environment through the dissemination of information, instruction, training and by regular auditing and monitoring.

Free eye tests

If you use a computer regularly as part of your role here, you're entitled to free eye tests at our modern eye clinic, which is part of the School of Optometry. We will even pay £50 towards the cost of glasses or contact lenses if they are required for your job and purchased from the University Optometrists.

Excellence in teaching

We are a TEF silver institution with leading teachers who are driven by creativity and curiosity. We invest in education innovation and in celebrating teaching excellence, with 10 National Teaching Fellows, 4 Principal Fellows and 58 Senior Fellows.

In 2021, we also, we also achieved Advance HE accreditation for our Cardiff University Education Fellowships Programmes, which are professional development programmes for learning and teaching. In 2020, we developed our Digital Education Framework to support our teaching staff in delivering a high-quality blended and online learning experience to our students.

Excellence in research

In 2014, our commitment to attracting, retaining and developing the careers of researchers earned us the HR Excellence in Research Award for another four years. That same year, we were shortlisted for the Times Higher Award for Outstanding Support for Early Career Researchers.

Award-winning courses, workshops and careers advice aimed exclusively at researchers.


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