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How much you can claim

The majority of staff members have a maximum allowance of £4,460.

Staff on the professorial scale are the only exception, with a maximum allowance of £8,000.

If you are employed on a part-time contract your allowance will be calculated pro rata. For example, a lecturer employed four days per week on an 80% contract would be entitled to a total of £3,568.

If your relocation is costing more than the allowance, you can't usually claim more. In exceptional circumstances, such as a move from overseas, the Vice-Chancellor has the authority to approve higher expenses, though you should be aware that repayment of relocation expenses in excess of your allowance will usually attract income tax at the appropriate level.

If your family are receiving any other relocation funding, you need to tell us as this will impact on the amount of relocation expenses you are able to claim from the University. You will be required to sign a statement declaring that you are not receiving relocation expenses from any other source.