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HCT345 - Applied Radiation Science

The aims of the module are to provide you with the complex and specialised knowledge necessary to evaluate diagnostic image quality, develop your appreciation of the range of imaging modalities available and of their appropriate use in clinical practice.

Completion of the module would satisfy requirements for Non-Medical Referrers.

Our aim within this module is to provide you with the knowledge to:

  • formulate appropriate image-quality judgements
  • critically evaluate the use of diagnostic imaging modalities
  • analyse and evaluate the role of radiological imaging within critical care pathways
  • critically evaluate the impact of regulations and guidelines
  • assess the risk and benefit of medical exposure to radiation and critically evaluate methods of dose minimisation
  • critically review research in order to promote evidence-based practice
  • reflect on the role of medical imaging within your professional discipline in order to promote personal development and development of the inter-professional team

The teaching methods used are designed to encourage you to organise your thoughts, present arguments and evaluate situations in discussion with others. Therefore workshops, tutorials and seminars predominate.

Self-directed study forms an important part of the learning strategies and contributes to approximately three-quarters of the total notional learning hours. Self-learning is tested in a formative way through discussion in tutorials and seminars. This module also gives you the opportunity to share ideas with other health professionals.

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