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Sri Lanka - Jasmine Chrisene's story

Sri Lanka - Jasmine

Jasmine Chrisene, an Adult Nursing student went to Sri Lanka in her second year as part of her Nursing POLO (Practice Optional Learning Opportunity) experience.

Jasmine organised her trip through the volunteer organisation Plan My Gap Year. The organisation provided a timetable of activities for her, which allowed her to visit lots of different departments in the government funded hospital.

Jasmine stated, "The experience was amazing! I got to travel with another friend from the Nursing programme at Cardiff University so I didn't feel isolated."

The placement meant she could observe in numerous different departments in the hospital including surgeries, ward rounds, visiting the paediatric wards, observing in the labour wards and visiting the Sri Lankan equivalent of accident and emergency (A&E).

Watch Jasmine's story below to find out more

In her spare time, she was able to use her weekends to travel to different parts of Sri Lanka and really experience the culture. Plan My Gap Year also organised a street food tour and cultural nights.

Jasmine stated, "The clinical observations taught us so much about healthcare which otherwise [working in the UK] we may not ever experience."

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