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Podcast: Behind the Health Statistic

Behind the Health Statistic

Behind the Health Statistic is an educational podcast that explores the human and personal perspectives of health and illness.

In a world where our media is saturated with health data and statistics, the podcast aims to take the listeners attention away from the numbers and on to the people. The podcast has been produced by a team of Nursing Academics led by Ricky Hellyar, a Lecturer in Adult Nursing.

The podcast seeks to explore the human and personal perspectives of health and illness. We often hear about statistics and numbers in health but we wanted students and the public to hear the personal stories and lived experience with regards to health issues.

These episodes allow us to take the time to really have an in-depth and meaningful discussion with somebody experiencing a health issue. It’s humbling to hear people speak so candidly about very personal experiences in their lives.
Andrew Parry Senior Lecturer: Adult Nursing

Series 2

Episode 11  - Lara: My Endometriosis (Three parts)Ricky HellyarLara
Episode 12 - Long Covid : Lived Experience (Two parts)Professor Danny Kelly and Ricky HellyarAlison & Lisa
Episode 13 -  Richard Desir: A Man in NursingDiana DeRichard
Episode 14 - Clinical Research & the Role of the Nurse (Two parts)Connor RawlinsonMandy & Vianne
Episode 15 - Ellen & Karl: LymphoedemaLara CowpeEllen & Karl
Episode 16 - Baby LossRicky HellyarJo, Jess & Jane
Episode 17 - Secondary Breast CancerDr Sally Anstey & Claire JobSue
Episode 18 - Being TransMartyn FloydEvan
Episode 19 - Living with Prostate CancerProfessor Danny KellyRaymond

The podcast is narrated by Ricky Hellyar and produced by Pete Smith and Bex Potton. With thanks to all contributors and Martin Floyd for his PPI support and guidance.

Contact for further information:

Dr Richard Hellyar

Dr Richard Hellyar

Senior Lecturer: Adult Nursing

+44 (0)29 206 87818