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Philosophy at Cardiff University

How should we live our lives? What should we believe? How should we set about trying to answer these questions? How are we even able to think about them?

Philosophy inquires into these profound issues. It is the oldest academic discipline and has developed an impressive range of concepts and techniques for addressing difficult problems.

Our philosophy degrees offer solid and sophisticated training in this discipline. They equip you to analyse and construct complex chains of reasoning for yourself. Across three years of study, you will develop and refine your thinking skills by considering detailed philosophical puzzles.

We offer a stand alone course in philosophy, as well as the option to study philosophy with joint honours.

Your future in mind

Studying philosophy with us is an excellent preparation for a wide range of graduate careers across all sectors of the economy. The discipline’s key concepts and skills are perennially useful in solving all kinds of problems.

Philosophy graduates often build highly successful careers in the civil service, local government, and other public sector bodies, in charities and other not-for-profit organisations, and in management levels of large businesses.

Studying Philosophy at Cardiff University was an overwhelmingly positive experience. The modules on offer and the structure of the course allowed me to pursue my interests through an engagement with the most influential intellectual movements and key thinkers in these fields. Even though I hadn't studied Philosophy at A-level, the course delivered in an accessible way. I found that staff were always approachable and helpful. The advice and assistance given by my dissertation supervisor went beyond and made my task a particularly enjoyable one.

Kevin Jones BA Philosophy graduate