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Joint honours programmes

Studying for a joint honours degree gives you the opportunity to specialise in two university subjects.

One of the main benefits of joint honours degrees is the flexibility of choice they offer. You can specialise and develop your own interests, whilst still exploring new areas of study and acquiring a solid, broad-based education.

Studying two subjects can keep your career options open, as well as help you to develop a wide range of transferable skills that will be invaluable when you enter the competitive employment market.

You also don't need to worry: studying two subject areas does not mean doubling the workload. Joint Honours students study the same number of modules as single honours students and they also pay the same tuition fees.

Joint honours within our School

Joint honours with other Schools

You can also choose to pursue joint honours with programmes taught by other Schools at Cardiff University, as follows:

English Language

Degree name UCAS Code
Welsh and English Language (BA) QQ35

English Literature