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Research groups

The School of Engineering is home to fourteen established research groups focused on addressing key research challenges across the field of engineering.

These groups are organised under three departments to ensure that we maintain strength in our disciplinary expertise.

Architectural, civil and environmental engineering

Computational Mechanics and Engineering AI Research Group

Modelling techniques and computational methods for advanced engineering of materials, solids and structures.

Urban Intelligence Research Centre

We aim to pave the way for a new generation of digital buildings that have lifelong resilience and adaptability to their environment, usage and occupancy.

Geoenvironmental Research Centre

Looking to the Earth to provide new energy sources and solutions to waste.

Hydro-environmental Research Centre

Water engineering and management, from tidal stream energy to preventing flood damage.

Resilient Structures and Construction Materials (RESCOM)

Developing a new generation of unique, versatile and robust self-healing construction materials.

Electrical and electronic engineering

Magnetics and Materials Research Group

Research into the production, characterisation and application of magnetic materials.

Advanced High Voltage Engineering Research Centre

Understanding high voltage systems and phenomena, from the National Grid to lightning strikes on aircraft.

Centre for High Frequency Engineering

Research in communications, sensors and materials for security, energy and health.

Centre for Integrated Renewable Energy Generation and Supply

Meeting the technical challenges of moving towards a low carbon energy system.

Mechanical and medical engineering

The Medical Engineering Research Group spans both the electrical and electronic engineering and the mechanical and medical engineering departments.

Medical Engineering Research Group

Applying the latest research in medical engineering to help solve current and future challenges in medicine and healthcare.

High-Value Manufacturing Research Group

Cutting edge research into materials, systems and technologies down to the micro/nano scale.

Centre for Research into Energy, Waste and the Environment

To generate and utilise affordable electrical power, propulsion and heat with minimal environmental or social impact, and to optimise industrial processes.

Robotics and Autonomous Intelligent Machines

Creating autonomous robots and intelligent systems that can tackle challenging problems in unstructured environments.