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Supply chains and logistics

Digital technologies can transform how we source, manufacture, transport, and store goods.

We can help you become more efficient through digital transformation of your supply chain logistics. Our researchers have developed new forecasting, inventory control, and production planning policies that help companies to revolutionise their supply chain and logistic models in a way that promotes economic and environmental sustainability.

We collaborate with industry to supply core expertise in supply chain forecasting, inventory control, transportation science, supply chain modelling, logistics business modelling, and freight economics. We can help you to explore the effects of additive manufacturing (3D printing) solutions on supply chain decision-making, closed-loop supply chains, digital passports, forecasting, and inventory and production optimisation.

The RemakerSpace Centre supports the move toward a circular economy, extending product life cycle, ending planned obsolescence, and protecting the world’s resources for the future.

Manufacturing and logistics service delivery graphic


The RemakerSpace supports and promotes remanufacturing, helping Wales transition to a circular economy.