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Host institutions

The Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Intensive Science brings together three universities with strong track records in computational and data-intensive science.

Cardiff University

Our researchers played a key role in developing the analyses that led to first detection of gravitational waves. We have a long track record in leading large research projects in astronomy, including both the fabrication and science exploitation of the Herschel satellite.

We recently founded the Data Innovation Research Institute to serve as a focal point for major data-intensive research projects. This will lead to new and better solutions to the data management and data analysis problems facing research groups, and will produce new technologies for data science.

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol School of Physics has internationally leading expertise in experimental particle physics and astronomy, with key data-intensive research projects at the Large Hadron Collider through the CMS and LHCb experiments, as well as observational and theoretical astronomy.

Bristol has recently founded the Jean Golding Institute for Data Intensive Research, which will co-ordinate and support research in data analytics, data infrastructure and applications of data intensive research across the university and with external partners.

Swansea University

The Swansea University Department of Physics has an internationally strong particle physics theory group working across the full range of STFC-recognised particle physics theory areas: quantum field and string theory, lattice QCD, phenomenology and cosmology.

The group has long-term expertise in High Performance Computing and strong links with the Swansea University Computer Science department.