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About us

The Data Innovation Research Institute was open between 2015 and 2021. This page shows the Institute’s past work. It is not monitored or updated.

The Data Innovation Research Institute has been set up to conduct fundamental research into the aspects of managing, analysing and interpreting massive volumes of textual and numerical information.

Big data has huge implications for the economy with the UK government recently commiting £73m into big data research. It is estimated that the big data market will benefit the UK economy by £216 billion and create 58,000 new jobs before 2017. Regionally, the Welsh government has significantly invested in High Performance Computing (HPC) in Wales providing businesses and researchers access to a world-class, super-computing service, Supercomputing Wales.

All of these developments provide us with exciting opportunities for pushing forward our research excellence into big data that affect the medical, biosciences, social sciences, physical sciences and engineering sectors. And as the impact big data has on businesses and organisations broadens, so too will our research agenda to encompass these new sectors and opportunities.

We draw on the expertise of staff from all three Colleges within the University. Their research findings, combined with strengthening and expanding our professional partnerships, will enable us to develop real-world applications. When applied, we envisage these will lead to increased business productivity, helping to transform the public and private sector organisations.