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Through our research, we aim to solve some of the issues and challenges faced by key sectors as they tackle the growing issue of big data.

With industries producing vast amounts of data, there is an increased need for new approaches for managing, storing, compressing, analysing and distributing this information.

Through the cross-disciplinary nature of our research, our postgraduate researchers will be engaged in projects ranging from computational challenges to implementation into real applications. 

Our research predominantly focuses on on how big data impacts and presents challenges in three key areas:

Computational social science

As humans increase their use of technology, so does so does the size of their digital footprint providing us with a unique perspective on social and human behaviour.

Biological and life sciences

The medical and life sciences provide huge data sets which are ideal for researching for a variety of uses and applications.

Computational science and engineering

Our research can be applied to numerous applications in the fields of physics, astronomy and engineering.

Special Interest Groups

Special interest groups, SIGs are supporting the DIRI in the pursuit of handling and manipulating complex and big data for optimum research and investigatory excellence.


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