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Computational science and engineering

Our research can be applied to numerous applications in the fields of physics, astronomy and engineering.

Physics and astronomy

We will work collaboratively with the School of Physics and Astronomy who have existing research expertise in large-scale data analysis.  We would build on and contribute to their experience specifically in:

  • the analysis of gravitational and astronomical data from the Herschel Space Observatory operated by the European Space Agency (ESA) which currently produces data more rapidly than it can logisitically physically transport off site
  • running simulations for major astronomical events such as the birth of stars to the merging of black holes
  • handling and managing data analysis from the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope as it increases in size and scale
  • handling the increasing complexity and size of geological, meteorological and climate data sets which when coming from a variety of different sources, presents a problem in drawing sound conclusions from the information.


Data forms the backbone of all digital manufacturing technologies.  Our work with the School of Engineering will focus on finding solutions to problems which include:

  • the analysis and reduction of data sets to help produce efficient manufacturing, sustainable and climate friendly development
  • providing secure manufacturing environments
  • preventing digital and intellectual property crime.