Ewch i’r prif gynnwys


Rydym yn cyhoeddi ein canfyddiadau mewn cyfnodolion effaith uchel, sy’n fynegol o gwmpas ac ansawdd yr ymchwil sy’n cael ei gynnal gan ein tîm.

Adroddiadau nodwedd

The Cardiff Model for Violence Prevention

The Cardiff Model described in this report exemplifies the public health approach to violence prevention.

TIVO Report Part 1 [Sep21]

How a Kremlin-Linked Influence Operation is Systematically Manipulating Western Media to Construct & Communicate Disinformation: Part 1 Detection Report

AFR Report

The first independent academic evaluation of Automated Facial Recognition (AFR) technology across a major policing operations.

Rumours About the Efficacy of Ibuprofen Vs Paracetamol in Treating COVID-19 Symptoms - Report

The Making of a Misinformation ‘Soft Fact’ With Public Health Impact.

Minutes to Months - Report

From Minutes to Months: A rapid evidence assessment of the impact of media and social media during and after terror events

Evidence and guidance for better public services

Making the most of the Evidence Ecosystem

'Perception Infections’: Tactics and Techniques of a Russian Information, Influence and Interference Operations (IIIO) Methodology

This report analyses the operational tactics associated with a methodology used by hostile state actors to manipulate public perceptions and political agendas.

‘Soft Facts’ and Spontaneous Community Mobilisation: The Role of Rumour After Major Crime Events

This study examines how social media increasingly shape and frame processes of community mobilisation following major crime events.

The Internet Research Agency In Europe 2014-2016

This report analyses Russian information influence operations targeted at European elections and democratic events, conducted by the Internet Research Agency (IRA) between 2014-2016.

Nudges, tugs and teachable moments: What can a cartoon cat teach us about changing people’s crime prevention behaviour?

This study aimed to develop new evidence and insights about what works to persuade people to adopt new security behaviours that better protect them from crime risks.