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Dr Muhammad Mansur Ali

Dr Muhammad Mansur Ali

Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Director of Postgraduate Taught Studies

+44 (0)29 2087 6297
5.08, Adeilad John Percival , Rhodfa Colum, Caerdydd, CF10 3EU
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Research interests

I have two main research interests, one textual and the other practical. I am interested in Hadith studies both Muslim and Orientalist as well as classical and modern. I am also interested in British Muslims and practical theology. How can Muslims have a meaningful religious experience in a predominant secular society? What psychological impact has modernity and the technocratic society has had on the lives of Muslims in the West? An offshoot of this is to look at religious leadership in the British Muslim community. This includes Muslim chaplaincy and its impact on the wider community as well as the influence of Muftis and imams in enhancing the religious experience of British Muslims.

Research projects

Muslim Chaplaincy Project (AHRC/ESRC)

Conference papers

April 2013: Is the British Weather unIslamic? Prayer times, religious representation and technology', Shariah Project conference, Exeter University.

March 2013: Plenary paper on 'Reflections on Islamic Education in Traditional Muslim Seminaries and British Higher Education Institutes', Knowledge Exchange Seminar on Islam and Higher Education, Cardiff University.

September 2012: Friday prayer in prison chaplaincy, Religion and Society conference, Cambridge University, with Sophie Gilliat-Ray and Stephen Pattison.

June 2012: Comparison between UK and USA Higher education chaplains Religion and belief in higher education conference, Derby University.

February 2012: Islamic soteriology Lecture for the Cambridge Theological Federation, Cambridge.

February 2012: Theological paradigms for Muslim chaplaincy in the UK context. Faculty of Divinity research seminar, Cambridge University

January 2012: Understanding Muslim Chaplaincy. Cambridge Muslim College research seminar. CMC, Cambridge.


Dr. Muhammad Mansur Ali studied classical Islamic studies and Arabic at Darul Uloom Bury, UK and Al-Azhar University Cairo, Egypt. He then completed an MA and a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies (Hadith studies) at the University of Manchester where he also lectured as a graduate teaching fellow. During this time he also worked as a Muslim chaplain at Ashworth High Security hospital in Liverpool. Shortly after completing his PhD, he worked on an AHRC/ESRC funded project on Muslim Chaplaincy in Britain alongside Dr Sophie Gilliat-Ray at Cardiff University. He then worked as post-doctoral fellow at Cambridge Muslim College where he completed writing his part of the book coming out of the AHRC/ESRC research project called 'Understanding Muslim Chaplaincy' to be published by Ashgate in 2013. During his time at CMC, he also edited a classical hadith text called Qawa'id fi Ulum al-Hadith to be published by Turath Publishing in 2013.

Education and qualifications

2005-2009 PhD Middle Eastern Studies (Islamic), "Al-Tirmidhi and the Role of the Isnad in His Sunan", University of Manchester, supervised by Dr Ronald P. Buckley. Funded by Manchester University 'Graduate Teaching Fellowship Award'.

2004-2005 MA Middle Eastern Studies (Islamic), "The Methodology of Western Scholars in the Study of Hadith Literature", University of Manchester, supervised by Dr Andreas Christmann.

2002-2004 BA Islamic Theology, Al-Azhar University, Cairo Egypt.

1990-2000 Advanced Certificate in Classical Islamic and Arabic Studies. Darul Uloom Al-Arabiyya Al-Islamiyya Bury, UK.

Career overview

2012: Jameel Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Cardiff University

2011- 2012: Post-doctoral fellow, Cambridge Muslim College

2010 – 2011: Research associate, Cardiff University

2007-2010: Muslim chaplain, Ashworth High Security Hospital, Liverpool

2005-2008: Graduate teaching fellow, University of Manchester.

Other academic activities

Reviewer for journal 'Australian Religion Studies Review'

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  • Muslims in Britain Research Network (MBRN)
  • Islamic Studies Network (HEFCE)
  • Society of Contemporary Thought and the Islamicate World (SCTIW)
  • Muslim Institute














  • History and Development of the Muslim community in Britain (RTT132)
  • Contemporary Debates (RTT133)
  • CE4911: Introduction to Muhammad: His life and image in history
  • CE4914: Islam: Faith, belief and practice
  • RT1112: Introduction to religious studies (secular reasoning in Islamic theology)
  • RT1226: Understanding Muslim scriptures
  • RTT131-133: MA: Islam in Contemporary Britain


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