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CSI comes to Cardiff University

29 Ebrill 2015

Having just received The Complete University Guide's rankings it is clear to see why Cardiff University have been placed in the top 10 for its Nursing programme. With passionate staff members who are delivering the programme in dynamic and exciting ways the students are able to have fun whilst learning.

Ricky Hellyar, Adult Nursing Lecturer, describes the most recent interactive session held in The School of Healthcare Sciences; a lesson based on the TV series Crime Scene Investigation (CSI).

'Students from September 2014 Cardiff Nursing Futures programme were able to attend a fake crime scene with skeletons, crime tape and limbs.

C  ardiff Students 

S  keletal Muscle 

I   nvestigation 

is a session that is part of their Safe Practice In Essential and Field Specific Care module. They had to use their newly found anatomy and physiology knowledge to answer a series of questions related to a fake murder. There were 9 "bodies", in total, laid out around Ty Dewi Sant in Heath Park Campus and students were expected to work together to solve the crime where one of the four staff members could have been the perpetrator.

The students were supplied with a range of tools to answer questions, from traditional textbooks to a range of iPad apps which was intended to allow them to explore alternative learning materials. Students stated "The apps used on the iPads were extremely useful and I am definitely going to download them!" They were also expected to get hands on with the bones (some real, some fake) and models to get a feel of what the body is actually like. Students remarked "Lessons like this are the best because I learn interactively, which means that today I learnt a lot!"

The session was really well evaluated by the students; "Today's lesson was very thorough and I feel I have learnt a lot!", "Very interesting and fun to take part in!" and "I really want to do more things like this".

The day was facilitated by The School of Healthcare Sciences' Simulation team who brought everything together and made the day possible. The team have some amazing resources and ideas which could be brought together to create other novel and interesting ways of delivering sessions like this one.'

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