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Why you study with us

7 Mawrth 2017

Female student  wearing head pones and using a computer
Ekaterina Kulit, Public Service Interpreting student

We recently asked our students to volunteer for a photoshoot.

We regularly need photos for our Choices prospectus, for our website and social media.  Thankfully volunteers come forward as they want to help us promote our courses or as one student put it “to give something back!”

The photoshoot was also a good opportunity to gather student feedback and testimonials so here is a taste of why people choose to study with us, what they achieve and why they would encourage everybody else to learn too.

Ekaterina Kulit

Ekaterina Kulit has taken Public Service Interpreting and believes the course had: “Useful information and encouraging and supportive teaching”. Her advice to others “It’s never too late to start to do something you’ve been dreaming about all your life”.

Lex Lamprey

Lex Lamprey has studied with us for many years including Astronomy and Exploring the Past modules and he believes he has gained “A sense of confidence in my own ability in my chosen subject areas. I’ve also met some incredible people and have made lifelong friendships.  The level of knowledge of the tutors is often extraordinary.  Some of the assignments have been challenging but I wanted a challenge when I signed up and that’s what I got”

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