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Graduate Profile: Mike Green

11 Awst 2016

Mike Green, MPhys graduate of the School of Physics and Astronomy, talked to us about his recent graduate placement experience.

AEUK specialise in Innovative Maritime Systems. I work with industry experts on the design build and test of transducer technology, electromechanical devices which transmit and receive acoustic energy.  Many of these devices are built to generate transducer arrays and form part of sonar systems. These systems are used in submarines, surface ships, autonomous and unmanned surface and underwater vehicles.  Other areas of work at AEUK include sonar modelling, sonar applications, electric and magnetic signature analysis, autonomous systems, towed array handling systems, electronics and mechanical design.

My role involves various aspects of Physics learnt during my time at Cardiff, including theoretical acoustics, electronics, materials science, mechanics and lab work. The best part of this job is the variety of  innovative projects I am able to work on, and the range of day to day activities required to complete them. I spend large amount of my time working in the largest anechoic tank laboratory in the UK, characterising  the performance of various innovative transducer designs. A few times a year I am able to conduct acoustic trials in large open water facilities in Scotland.

On joining AEUK, I completed a Graduate Scheme which includes on the job training, external training courses and a Graduate Project. My project focused on building an autonomous surface vehicle (ASV)  capable of following set way points. We utilised a Raspberry Pi and designed our own propulsion and steering mechanism. The model was based on an 11m surface vehicle produced by AEUK (Figure 1).

We worked through the engineering processes required for design, manufacture and testing a new device. The project ended with the Graduates conducting Acceptance Tests at a lake to prove full functionality.  It was a successful day and in what was the end of a rewarding project and a valuable learning experience.

Dr Annabel Cartwright, Reader and Careers Officer at the School said: "It is a credit to Mike that his graduate placement has been so successful. We wholeheartedly congratulate him and wish him every success in the future."

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