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Wireless communication and high-frequency semiconductor technology

26 Mehefin 2012

Cutting-edge technology has reduced the energy footprint of wireless communication and helped boost the Welsh economy.

A cutting-edge project that has improved wireless communication systems and had a positive economic impact in South Wales has won a major Cardiff University award for innovation.

Professors Johannes Benedikt and Paul Tasker from the University's School of Engineering worked with Mesuro Limited, a Cardiff spin-out company, to commercialise their research on how to engineer waveforms at very high frequencies and enable the design of efficient power amplifiers for mobile telecommunications systems.

Developed over more than a decade at the School, and involving collaborations with the wireless and communication industry, the technology was taken to market with seed and growth capital investment as well as support from Fusion IP, Cardiff's commercialisation partner, Finance Wales and ERA Foundation. The technology has not only changed this industry, but created highly skilled jobs in Wales, graduate employment and secured sales of more than £1.2M in the last 12 months alone.

The team was awarded the Regional Impact Prize in the University's annual Innovation and Impact Awards for their work in improving the operational time of mobile phones, reducing the energy footprint of wireless communication and for helping boost the Welsh economy. The award was presented by Welsh Secretary of State Cheryl Gillan, who attended the ceremony along with David Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science.

Professor Johannes Benedikt, School of Engineering said: "We're very happy to be recognised by the Cardiff University Innovation and Impact Awards. Within a very short time frame we were able to commercialise our research through the creation of University spin-out company, Mesuro Ltd. We took to market our first two products, which were extremely well received internationally, giving us a solid platform upon which to build further.

"The technology that we have developed is unique to Cardiff and to Wales and tackles real-world problems. For example, thanks to this technology, mobile phone manufacturers are able to make their power amplifiers operate closer to theoretical maximum efficiency, something which has not previously been possible."

Dr Richard Emsley, Chief Executive of Mesuro said: "It is not possible to put Mesuro's success down to a single factor, it is the combination of world beating technology, the support of our investors, the continued involvement of the academic team at Cardiff University and the work of the skilled and dedicated staff at Mesuro."

"A significant factor in the cost of operating a mobile communications system is its energy consumption, and Mesuro's energy efficiency technology will influence the development and operation of mobile communications systems for decades to come resulting in more fuel efficient, cheaper and greener communications networks."

The Awards are an opportunity for Cardiff University academic staff to showcase their innovative collaborations with business and other non-academic organisations, demonstrating the positive impact that academic research can have on economy and society.

The 2012 Innovation and Impact Awards were sponsored by Geldards Law Firm and Fusion IP.

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