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School well-represented at 35th International Geological Congress

5 October 2016

View of Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa
View of Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa

Four members of academic staff represented the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the 35th International Geological Congress which took place in South Africa at the end of August.

The 35th International Geological Congress was held in Cape Town from the 27th August to 4th September 2016 with over 4000 delegates from 117 countries attending. The core topics presented at the congress were geoscience in society, geoscience in the economy, and fundamental geoscience.

Professor Thomas Blenkinsop, Dr. Ake Fagereng, Professor Wolfgang Maier and Professor Emeritus Julian Pearce attended the event, as well as former MESci student Eva Marquis, delivering a total of seven presentations, three of which were keynote talks, and chairing at least two sessions. The subjects of the talks presented ranged from the geochemical fingerprinting of granites to intracontinental deformation and reactivation in the South Wales coalfield. For a full list of the talks delivered, please see below. Professor Emeritus Julian Pearce and Dr. Ake Fagereng were also involved in organising the congress.

The 36th International Geological Congress is scheduled to take place in New Delhi in 2020.


Distinguishing multiple sulphide zones in the Platreef within a single core from the Turfspruit Farm prospect, Northern Limb of the Bushveld Complex

Ms. Eva Marquis (former MESci Geology (International) student)

Platinum-group element contents of some Karelian and Kaapvaal kimberlites: implications for the PGE budget of the sub-continental lithospheric mantle

Professor Wolfgang Maier

Geochemical Fingerprinting of Granites Revisited

Professor Emeritus Julian Pearce (Keynote speaker)

Interpreting continuous-discontinuous deformation structures considering a continuum of fault slip styles: The example of flexural-slip folds

Dr. Ake Fagereng (Keynote speaker)

Understanding Continental Uplift through Watershed Analysis

Professor Thomas Blenkinsop

Topology of a mineralised stockwork: Sunrise Dam Gold Mine, W. Australia

Professor Thomas Blenkinsop

Intracontinental deformation and reactivation, South Wales Coalfield, UK

Professor Thomas Blenkinsop (Keynote speaker)

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